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We strive to offer our clients excellent value for money in weight loss surgery and plastic surgery procedures hrough the Pulsmed private hospital in Poland including:view original

Our partner private hospital has over 20 years of experience in and Medical and Cosmetic Treatments, offering a wide range of the most popular surgical procedures including:

This private Hospital is accredited to the UEHP – European Union of Private Hospitals, which combines and authorises private hospitals from the European Union

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the price so much cheaper than here in the UK - is it because of a compromise on quality and skill ?

No definitely not, the doctors and surgeons are fully qualified, the hospital is accredited to the UEHP – European Union of Private Hospitals, which combines and authorises private hospitals from the European Union. The hospital also work for the national health insurance company in Poland and provide services for system insurers from other EU countries.
Register Information
Pulsmed Sp. z o.o.
ul. Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 26
90-248 Łódź
National Court Register Number – KRS 0000111734

The main reason that the medical processes are cheaper is that the overheads/costs are much lower in Poland. In fact, two members of our own staff have already had procedures completed in Poland.

I keep reading about medical horrors in European countries – how do I know that I will not be in a similar position ?

It is a fact that with every medical procedure, however small there are always risks, and medical procedures do go wrong even in the UK.

Working closely with The Pulsmed private Hospital, we have tried to the best of our ability to alleviate such issues. The Pulsmed hospital prides itself on the cleanliness and hygiene of its premises and a continuous effort is made by all the medical staff to keep these standards at the highest levels.

Looking at various incidents that have occurred to UK residents that have undergone plastic surgery abroad two things seem to shine through – the first is the lack of communication between patients and doctors; and the second is the lack of skill by the surgeons involved in these cases. We have done our best to try to address both concerns – we have done extensive research and know that the hospital and medical staff have a very good understanding of English, and secondly that the surgeon is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in Poland.

Probably one of the most asked questions ‘What happens if something goes wrong’?

Our Duty of Care to our clients is the fundamental basis of our business. We have personally visited the Hospital, spoke to the Surgeons, Doctors and receptionist, all their professional qualifications have been verified and are internationally accredited, www.uehp.eu.
This personal contact is what we believe to make our Travel Agency different from the rest!
BUT, as with any surgery in any country there are always risks when undergoing surgery however minor. The Pulsmed Private Hospital, operate normal medical practices, also undertaking additional laboratory tests such as blood morphology, blood group, APTT, bleeding and coagulation time tests, EKG and breast ultrasound or breast mammography.

But, if, which is very unlikely, something did happen, the hospital would do everything possible to alleviate the problem, all medical costs will be met by the hospital and their insurance policies. Copies are available on request.
You will also have a dedicated patient coordinator to take you step by step through any issues.

What if something goes wrong when you get home?

The biggest risk with cosmetic surgery is infection, and this may not start causing you problems until days after your surgery, by which time you will probably be back home, if, which is very unusual you did have an infection then it is advised that you go direct to your local GP, you are legal entitled to medical assistance even though you have had a medical procedure abroad.

It is UK law that for UK residents having cosmetic surgery abroad any complications will be covered by the NHS.

It is UK law that any complications that arise from private cosmetic surgery within the UK are the responsibility of the private clinic, yet complications from cosmetic surgery abroad will be covered by the National Health Service (NHS). This is highly controversial, especially in times of shrinking budgets. If you have doubts please consult your local GP.

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons has complained that the NHS provides ‘a safety net’ for patients going overseas, at the cost of more deserving cases who need plastic surgery following cancer or trauma. However, it is very unlikely that the public healthcare system in the UK will ever be in a position to ethically withdraw emergency treatment from cosmetic surgery patients who have had treatment overseas, or even successfully charge them for their care.

For residents of other European countries, the situation is complex. It will depend on which country, what type of medical insurance and healthcare you have access to normally, and what their policies are on cosmetic surgery.

Can I claim compensation?

Another important issue if things go wrong with cosmetic surgery abroad is that of compensation. Many cosmetic surgery contracts will have a jurisdiction clause, which means that their clinic is governed by the laws of their country. This means that any claim for compensation must be made through the local courts, rather than the courts in your own country. This not only makes it much more difficult, and expensive, to pursue a claim, but it could also mean significantly lower compensation payments, in line with the laws of the land.
Please contact us for any more information on this subject.

Will the hospital staff understand me and speak English?

The majority of the staff in the The Pulsmed Hospital understand and speak English, but obviously there might be a hospital porter or similar that doesn’t.

Can I speak direct with the surgeon at any time?

Yes up to a point, because they have a hectic schedule, but they do make themselves available at certain times of the day, it is our job to liaise with the Hospital staff and yourselves and find a convenient time for both parties.

Do I need any special insurance so that I can travel?

No, you don’t need any special insurance to travel but we do recommend that you take your EHIC card, this card is free from the NHS (please ask if you need assistance in applying). This card will cover you for normal medical cover within Poland. Also as part of our service, we have detailed knowledge of the local public hospital – www.nfz-lodz.pl (there is a link on the left hand pane that explains everything in English). But if you feel that you would want specialised travel insurance for your medical procedure we have all the relevant information, please ask.

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Most common procedures in 2013, % change from 2012: according to according to |theguardian.com
A total number of procedures
Breast Augmentation / 11,123
Face / necklift / 6,016
Breast reduction / 4,680
Liposuction / 3,772
Abdomino-plasty / 3343
% Change from 2012
Breast Augmentation / 13%
Face / necklift / 13%
Breast reduction / 11%
Liposuction / 43%
Abdomino-plasty / 16%